Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple Cider Margaritas

It's FALL! And you know what that means... APPLE TIME!
You may recall how I went a little crazy over apples last year... (Apple PieCinnamon Apple Pie CupcakesApple Cider Pancakes, then later, Apple Donut Muffins).
See, I can't eat apples. Not unless they've been heated, cooked, baked, etc. It's the same way with me and bananas and carrots. It's weird, but that's why I love cooking and baking with apples so much- they're so delicious, and it's the only way I can eat them!

I made those apple donut muffins again recently:

And I also made these Apple Cider Margaritas:
Recipe courtesy of my most favoritest blog ever, How Sweet It Is.
Some of my friends tease me because I need to use a measuring cup to make drinks. The thing is, I didn't start drinking until I turned 21. No, really. I only drink occasionally now that I am 21; there's none of that college binge-drinking happening here.
So, unlike many of my fellow young adults, I'm a little bit behind as far as mixing drinks goes. Which is okay with me, because it gives me an excuse to try delicious recipes like these!
Seriously, you gotta try these.
Apple Cider Margaritas
(I multiplied the original recipe by 4, I think it's easier to make them all at once)
Sweet apple cider- 20 oz
Gold tequila- 4 oz
Grand marnier- 4 oz
Orange segments and apple slices
Cinnamon sugar + cinnamon sticks, for garnish
1. Spoon some cinnamon sugar onto a small plate. Run an orange slice around the rims of the margarita glasses, then press against the sugar to coat the rims. Add a couple ice cubes to each glass, as well as one cinnamon stick and one apple slice.
2. In a large pitcher, stir sweet apple cider, tequila, and grand marnier. Add a couple of orange slices, and stir. Pour into glasses, and use cinnamon sticks to swirl. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top.


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