Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update + Relay for Life!

It's been a very busy few weeks since my last post.
Here's a recap:
Celebrated my dad's birthday
Turned 22 (on Easter!)
Inches even closer to graduation (less than 2 weeks away!)
Got a job!!!! (I start at LivingSocial in July!!!!)

Oh, and I made this cake:
This cake is all I've thought about for weeks. It was for Shenandoah University's 2013 Relay for Life, and my friend Kelsey asked me months ago to make it. But all the preparations didn't compare to actually doing it! What an undertaking! In the end, though, totally worth it :)

But now, I can say that I have made a tiered cake, I know how to use dowel rods, I know how to deconstruct and serve wedding-style cakes, and I know (sort of) how to McGyver a cake carrier out of a cardboard box!

I'll do a more in-depth post tomorrow. A 12-page paper, photojournalism portfolio, two take-home tests and a law final separate me from graduation. Yikes. COLLEGE! 

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