Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Richmond Tea Rooms

*Where in the world is Kelly's Konfections?* (a la Carmen San Diego)
I'm in ENGLAND! Visiting Cat :) She says hello!!
Today, we went to the Richmond Tea Rooms, which is basically EXACTLY what a tea room should be, in my opinion. Whimsical, fun, girly, and pink everywhere.
Courtesy of Richmond Tea Rooms
I'll post my pictures tomorrow, we've gotta get some sleep now. It's weird to be 5 hours ahead once again!
Courtesy of Richmond Tea Rooms
We had afternoon tea, which came with four pastries, four finger sandwiches, a scone and clotted cream (!!!) and a pot of tea. It was delightful!
If anyone knows of great tea rooms in the states (if they even exist?), please leave a comment below!!

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