Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Barfomatic Express

You read that title right.

The Barfomatic Express.

This "recipe" goes back to when I was six years old, and my Aunt Ginna was visiting from California. She recently uncovered the original "recipe," and I found the pictures. This is the first documented baking adventure of my life, so it's very special, albeit terribly horrifying. I remember we put the final "product" outside, and even the squirrels wouldn't eat it. YIKES!

Hopefully this goes without saying, but do not, I repeat DO NOT ever make this. I'm posting the "recipe" as an homage to the past, not as an endorsement to actually make it.

Without further ado, I present to you, The Barfomatic Express:

Olive Oil
Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
Chocolate Sauce
Strawberry Yogurt
Lots of Water
Powdered Sugar (for the top)
And, most importantly: Gatorade.

Here are a couple pictures of Little Kelly :)
That's the actual Barfomatic Express cake on the right!

You can tell I was just so terribly shy (HA!)

You can find my Aunt Ginna's website with actual recipes here: Honey Baby Darlin'

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